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Do you need immediate data recovery services? In Texas, IT Data Recovery is who you call for true Hard Disk Data Recovery Experts.

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The first step to take toward your recovery is to fill out the Free Evaluation Form, or you can just call us and tell us about your recovery needs. To make things go quicker, it will help to fill out (answering all that you can) and print the Free Evaluation Form before you call, but it is not necessary. You will talk to a live recovery advisor immediately, who will assist and advise you about your individual situation. Click here for the Free Evaluation Form.

> Recovery process ( TOP )

STEP ONE: Call us and tell us about your recovery needs
The first step to take toward your recovery is to examine the Free Evaluation Form or just call us. To make things a go quicker, it will help to fill out (answering all that you can) and print the Free Evaluation Form before you call, but it is not necessary. You will talk to a live recovery advisor (immediately!) who will assist and advise you about your individual situation.

STEP TWO: Send your hard disk or media to us
After speaking with a recovery advisor and choosing our service you will be asked to carefully pack your media and send it to us with a copy of the Free Evaluation Form.

Expedited Priority Service
Packing and Shipping Information


1) Evaluation
After receiving your hard drive(s) or other media, our technicians first evaluate the disk with our lab equipment to determine the cause and extent of the damage, and then immediately call you with an estimate.

2) Recovery
With your approval of our written estimate, our technicians begin the recovery process. Our goal is to create a full raw image of your drive or media as soon as possible in the recovery and then work with the new raw image during the remaining recovery processes, keeping the use of your damaged drive(s) or media to a minimum. Often to recover your data, our experienced engineers must open the hard drive(s) in a cleanroom laboratory and repair damaged components with our proprietary equipment before a successful raw image can be acquired.

3) Transfer
Once a raw image is acquired, we use our software to translate, normalize and repair corrupted data back into a format usable to your computer and then notify you that your data has been recovered. You then confirm your choice of the media format in which you wish to receive your freshly recovered files. Most people elect to have amounts over 5 gigs of data placed back onto a new hard drive, but with smaller hard drives and other media, it is easy enough to put all the data onto CD-R or DVD+R disks instead. We also offer other methods such as loaner hard drives and Internet file transfer to satisfy your particular recovery needs.

4) Shipping
Upon completion of recovery and transfer, the data is shipped back to you immediately.

> Packing and shipping instructions ( TOP )

Safe shipping is a very important, yet simple part of the recovery process.

Whenever possible, we ask that you remove the media from your computer. There is no need to incur a hefty shipping bill when we only need the drive or disk. Be sure to seek expert help if necessary.

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) can cause electronic circuitry failure in hard drives, but as long as you discharge your personal static electricity before handling the drive and put it in an anti-static bag, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Removing and packing a hard drive for shipping
1) Make sure the computer is turned off completely (not just in sleep mode).

2) Next, remove the panel(s) of your computer’s case to gain access to the internal components.

3) Discharge any static electricity from yourself by touching the metal computer frame (while the computer is plugged in) or other grounded metal surface before handling your hard drive.

4) Unplug the data and power cables from the drive.

5) Unscrew and remove the hard drive from the case and put it in an anti-static bag to prevent ESD Damage. Hold the hard drive by its sides and avoid unnecessary shaking. DO NOT SHAKE IT to see if you can hear the rattle of something loose inside!

6) Use a box that will allow at least 1.5 inches of foam, bubble wrap or newspaper space on the top, bottom and sides of the drive. Pack the bagged drive in bubble wrap, foam, or newspaper so that it is suspended securely in the middle of the box and will not move around once the box is closed. Do not use peanuts, as the drive may shift inside the box toward one of the edges. Don’t forget to enclose your printed Free Evaluation Form when possible. Label the box as Fragile.

Computer stores and service centers have a surplus of these materials (usually for free) if you can’t find suitable materials yourself.

If shipping a laptop or complete computer system, make sure you use plenty of padding and that the item is securely suspended in the middle of box (especially with laptops). Always write Fragile prominently on the box. We very strongly recommend buying insurance with the shipping.

> Expedited Priority vs. Basic Service ( TOP )

Though our basic service is fast, and the drive or media is almost always evaluated within 36 hours, if you select our expedited priority service, we guarantee that your drive will move to the top of the to-do list and will be evaluated and recovered as quickly as possible.

In addition to being the first drive we work on, Expedited Priority service also includes the cost of our 24/7 after hours and around-the-clock service for your data recovery.

Basic Service includes our long 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Central business hours.

The cost of Expedited Priority service is basic recovery price + 25% extra on the recovery. Since we charge 20-50% less than most of our capable competitors, our customers have the advantage of electing priority service and still saving money on our professional data recovery services.

Usually our basic hard disk data recovery service takes 3-5 days. Expedited Priority service is as fast as humanly possible without raising the risk of failed recovery, and can often be completed the same day, dependent upon the type and severity of the failure.

Call us or click START MY RECOVERY to let the hard disk data recovery experts at IT Data Recovery return your data to you safely. There is no labor charge for the evaluation, and no labor charge if we don’t recover your data.

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