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IT Data Recovery, Austin, Texas, one of the top data recovery companies, with certified RAID data recovery services and hard disk data recovery services.

IT Data Recovery is a data recovery company providing RAID data recovery and clean room hard drive data recovery services from Austin, Texas.

Hard Drives (IDE, EIDE, ATA, SCSI, and laptop)
RAID / Server / NAS
Database / SQL
Removable media (CD, floppy, Zip, Jaz, etc.)
Specific file recovery
Virus infection recovery
Data conversion & Media duplication
Forensic, investigative recovery

RAID Data Recovery Service doing RAID 5 Data Recovery and RAID 0 Data Recovery from IT Data Recovery in Austin, Texas.

IT Data Recovery Services has a data recovery expert to meet your needs. Our data recovery specialists use data recovery software in Austin to get your data back.

No Risk: No Data, No Charge
Free evaluation and honest estimate
On-site lab
Fast and safe recovery process
We work Saturdays, Sundays, and after-hours
Competitive pricing with price caps
Complete privacy of data
24 / 7 emergency support
Experienced, friendly staff
Nationwide service
Student discounts

Data Recovery Companies are not the same. You need IT Data Recovery, Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts, to retrieve your lost data and get you back in business.

Clunking / other strange hard drive noises
Drive not detected / inaccessible
Drive doesn't spin
Drive doesn't stop spinning
Burnt electronic smell / smoke
Detected bad sectors or clusters
Missing files / folders
Applications cease operating
Bad FAT (file allocation tables)
Corrupted data
Computer doesn’t boot
Lightning and Power Surges / Outages
Impact and vibration damage
Fire, smoke and extreme heat damage
Flood, sprinkler system, moisture, and beverage damage
Component heat damage (often from hard drive stacking)
Formatted drive (accidental or malicious)
Deleted files / folders
Hackers / disgruntled employees
Didn't save correctly
Upgrade resulted in errors
Investigations and forensic digital evidence
Other problems

Hard Disk Data Recovery Services from IT Data Recovery: Hard Disk Data Recovery Specialists and Data Recovery Services in Texas.

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Recovery process
Packing and shipping instructions
Expedited Priority vs. Basic Service

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IT Data Recovery is one of the top data recovery companies, specializing in RAID Data Recovery Services and Hard Disk Data Recovery Services.

What To Do in Given Drive Failure Situations


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