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Description of problem including events leading up to the problem, and any attempts to recover data:

Please prioritize the files that are most important, giving us locations and sizes if known. Examples:
1) quickbooks 2)Documents and Settings/Mike/My Documents/*.xls 3) All photos under profile /Mike/ - probably around 20GB.
Note: we always try to recover 'All' for everyone, but sometimes it's safest to recover the most important files first.

I agree to allow IT Data Recovery to evaluate this hard drive or other media to determine possibility and cost of recovery.  This evaluation is free, but I
understand there is a "best-case-scenario price" for successful recoveries relative to the size and type of drive.  The best-case prices are:
$300.00 for most drives or $495.00 for drives 3TB and larger, and $495.00 for all sizes of Western Digital passport drives with USB-integrated circuit boards.
I agree to pay this minimum IF THE FILES I WANT CAN BE RECOVERED for the best-case-scenario price for the type of drive that it is.
Type your name here to agree to the above:
Please print this form and include it with your carefully boxed hard drive / media and send to:

IT Data Recovery
401 Congress Ave Suite 1540
Austin TX 78701

Or, for local drop-off Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm, you can just bring your drive in. We're on the 15th floor of the Frost Bank Tower.
If you've completed this form online, you can take advantage of the free 10-minute package delivery parking area in the building's breezeway.

Directions: Once downtown, from Congress Ave, turn East on 4th ST, and immediately take the first left turn into the building that you can take.
It's a very large opening, big enough for UPS trucks to fit into easily, and it comes up fast, less than halfway down the block, so be ready to turn left immediately once you're on 4th ST. Once inside the breezeway, park anywhere on the right (you'll see delivery area parking signs), then just walk to the doors opposite of where you just parked, and take the elevator set that has a sign with "21/11" next to them to suite #1540 on the 15th floor.

After-hours drop-off is available by appointment.  Call 512-771-7589 anytime for help right away.