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> Upgrade resulted in errors

Problem Description
A change has been made to your system. After the installation of hardware, software, or both, your system isn’t running correctly, and you are not able to access your important files.

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The cause is most likely due to the change. Not all programs and hardware work together.

If there was a hardware upgrade that seems to be the problem, the first thing to try is to uninstall and remove the new item and see if the system will work the way it used to.
If you installed new software that seems to be causing a problem with your operating system, it is probably safe to the rest of your files in most circumstances to remove the new program.
If you have upgraded a software version and are experiencing problems with the new version, sometimes it is best to call the software manufacturer first.
If you are able to get into your operating system, but can't find or access your important files, the safest thing to do is to send the drive to us for professional recovery.
If for any reason you can’t access the files you need on your hard drive, IT Data Recovery is ready to help you retrieve them.
With our specialized lab equipment our technicians make a raw image clone of your hard drive from which we do all the recovering. This is the safest method because it minimizes usage and eliminates changes to the original hard drive while we carry out the rest of the recovery process on the cloned data. This procedure requires professional data recovery equipment and experience, and makes recovery virtually risk free.

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What To Do in Given Drive Failure Situations


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