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> Drive doesn't stop spinning

If your data is crucial, don’t take any chances. Power down and call us right away. If no strange noises, make sure you wait a minute to make sure it won’t stop. If no strange noises, you can reset the computer and it will try to fix itself. If that doesn’t fix problem, or if data is inaccessible it’s time to call us. Call us or click START MY RECOVERY.

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Problem Description
What we’re describing here is when the hard drive light flashes continuously or stays on and you’re unable to access your data or the computer locks up. Sometimes this affects your ability to work with all files on the drive. If the hard drive sounded strange or louder when doing this, discontinue using the drive immediately and click Clunking, Clicking, other Strange Hard Drive Noises for more information.

The Bad News
This problem can be caused by errors in software, data, and FAT tables, but can also be the result of hardware damage including bad sectors and clusters.
If the drive has a physical problem, the longer the drive is allowed to operate, the greater the risk is of more data loss. Even resetting the computer could be putting your data at risk. Until we have the drive in our laboratory for evaluation, we will not know the actual cause of the problem.
What is usually happening is that the drive is recognizing that data should be accessible, but is not able to read it, and keeps trying to recognize the data.

The Good News
Sometimes after a reset, your computer will fix the problem itself. If the first attempt does not render your data accessible, we recommend that you discontinue using the drive immediately and call us to prevent causing more damage.
IT Data Recovery can almost always recover your data from the drive when you cannot, especially when experiencing a drive that does not stop spinning.

If your data is crucial to you, don’t take any chances. Shut the computer off and call us right away. If you allow the drive to reset, there is a risk of causing more damage, though most of the time you will have already tried this before contacting us.
Give the drive a minute to keep trying to do its job. Sometimes it will finish and fix itself. If there are no unusual noises (besides the hard drive’s normal sounds repeating) it is often safe to reset the computer and allow it to fix itself. If this doesn’t fix the problem or if the problem reoccurs frequently, it’s time to let IT Data Recovery retrieve your files. Call us or click START MY RECOVERY.

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What To Do in Given Drive Failure Situations


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