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> Drive doesn't spin

Could be software/virus problem, but usually hardware problem. Check power connections. Make sure cable will power other drives like cd/dvd. If connections are good and problem persists it’s time for professional service. Call or click START MY RECOVERY.

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Problem Description
Often when the drive isn’t spinning, the drive will not be detected by your motherboard’s bios, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, the drive is detected by the motherboard bios, but never begins to spin. This will give an error before your operating system begins if on the boot drive, or will just make any data on a non-spinning extra drive inaccessible.
Sometimes an error will be given suggesting fixed disk failure, data/drive inaccessible, or media failure with this problem. Sometimes the operating system will just lock up or crash, or you could see a blue screen ‘of death’ with text error messages in Windows when you try to access files on the drive. In rare cases this can be an intermittent problem. The specific telltale sign that we’re describing here is the fact that the drive doesn’t spin when you know it should be.

The Bad News
If the hard drive is detected by the bios but doesn’t make any normal operation noise or vibration, the cause is most likely a physical hard drive problem. If the drive is not detected by your system BIOS, click Drive not Detected / Inaccessible for more information.

The Good News
IT Data Recovery has the technology to recover your data. If the problem is due to hard drive electrical problems, complete recovery is the norm. Our free evaluation and estimate will tell you which problem it is so you can make plans based on that information.

The Solution
The chances are that if you clicked this, you know at least a little about hardware, and you’re probably familiar with how a hard drive sounds or slightly vibrates while it’s operating. Make sure to check the power cable’s connection to the hard drive, and that the cable itself is putting out enough volts by hooking it up to a different nearby peripheral (cd-rom). Turn on the computer and make sure the cd-rom’s light comes on, signifying the cable is good.
If the problem is beyond just a simple connection problem, it’s much safer to have your data professionally restored by IT Data Recovery, than to have an amateur attempt to do so. The longer a drive is used or powered on after it has physical trouble, the much greater the chances are that your data will be destroyed.
Call us or click START MY RECOVERY to let the professionals at IT Data Recovery return your data to you safely. There is no charge for the evaluation, and no charge if we don’t recover your data.

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What To Do in Given Drive Failure Situations


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