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> Lightning and Power Surges / Outages

Problem Description
It probably won’t be the first thing you think of when your computer isn’t functioning properly, but lightning and power surges can damage your drive’s integrity, even when a surge protector is being used. (It even happened to one of our own office systems in 2000!) Many people just notice there is a major problem with their computer one day and don’t remember until later that there was a major storm the night before.

Lightning and power surges can cause electrical and physical problems or failure of your hard drive, as well as corruption of data on the disk. It is very common to have problems booting after a storm has caused a large electrical surge to race through your system. Power outages or brown outs can cause you to be faced with what you think might be lost data as well.

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Intense electric shock or repeated interruptions or fluxions of electricity are the obvious (once recognized) causes of these problems. Your modem is the most common component of your computer to be damaged by lightning, but your hard drive is also at great risk.

The safest choice for the recovery of your important data is to call us first. A local computer service shop can usually fix a damaged computer by installing a new modem or whatever else needs replaced, but a damaged hard drive will most likely be out of their league if you want your data back.
There is often some risk to your data in allowing even professional computer technicians to attempt the recovery of your system when the cause of the problem is hard drive related. Every time a failing hard drive is accessed, the chances for more data loss increases. Even a computer hardware/software professional might unknowingly damage a drive more simply by running the standard set of tests on the system. With our professional data recovery equipment and procedures, we only access the drive once to make a raw image clone from which we do our recoveries. This is the safest method because it minimizes wear and tear on the original while we carry out the rest of the recovery process on the cloned data. This procedure requires professional data recovery equipment. We offer much safer recoveries than a simple computer service shop can offer with their minimal recovery equipment and lack of cleanrooms.
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