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> Drive not detected / inaccessible

Could be many different hardware or software problems. If you've had a new installation or changed system configurations, check jumper settings and connections. If the drive is connected and configured correctly and still doesn’t detect, it's time for our services. Call or click START MY RECOVERY.

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Description of Problem
You turn on the computer and either it doesn’t boot and displays a message saying that no hard drives were detected; or the computer boots, but one of your hard drives doesn’t show up in the BIOS or operating system.
If this happens after a hardware change, there is a chance that the hard drive wasn’t installed correctly. Make sure the jumpers are set correctly to master/slave/cs and that the cables are attached to the interface on the motherboard or controller card. For SCSI, make sure you’ve set the SCSI id correctly and that two components don’t occupy the same number.

The Bad News
When you haven’t done anything to the computer before turning it on and noticing the problem, you should send it to us for evaluation. Once we receive your drive, we quickly check to see if your drive has a hardware or just a software problem. Hardware problems can range from a bad circuit board to head or spindle failure. If the drive makes unusual whirring or other strange noise along with this problem, be sure to turn off the computer immediately to avoid further damage.
Sometimes the hardware is not damaged but there is still a problem with software and/or your file system. Causes for software trouble can range from viruses or hacking to bad file allocation tables or a formatted drive.

The Good News
In the case of an inaccessible hard drive, the chances are extremely high that all of your needed data can be recovered. Usually, the information stored on the magnetic platter is found unscathed when the drive can’t be accessed at all, making the complete recovery of your data possible with our equipment.

The Solution
Regardless of the cause your drive’s inaccessibility, be it hardware or software related, IT Data Recovery has the solution. If you know that the hard drive is installed correctly and the drive still isn’t detected or is inaccessible, call us or click START MY RECOVERY for professional diagnosis and service.

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What To Do in Given Drive Failure Situations


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