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> Impact and vibration damage

Problem Description
Your hard drive or entire computer system has been subjected to sudden movement or impact. Perhaps you’re experiencing problems after moving your computer’s location. This is especially common in laptop systems.

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Your hard drive has been jostled, dropped or just bumped hard enough to cause damage to the drive. Though today’s hard drives are safer to handle than earlier models, they are still very delicate pieces of equipment with very precise and fast moving parts. If the system was on when dropped, there is a much greater risk of damage. Unfortunately, no one wants to be blamed for trouble, so you might not always be told when someone drops or knocks over your system so this can be an unknown cause of your hard drive problems.

If you know the hard drive itself was dropped, it’s best to not even attempt to access the files on it or power the drive on, as doing so may cause more damage. If you have alread tried to use the drive again, (we know you probably have), and know the drive is bad, we can still almost always get your data back too, but every second the drive is powered on when there is a physical problem can lead to more damage.
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What To Do in Given Drive Failure Situations


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