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> Component heat damage (often from hard drive stacking)

Problem Description
Physical damage can occur to you hard drive if not enough ventilation is provided within your system, especially directly around a hard drive. Symptoms of this problem can range from intermittent problems with software to complete system failure. The process of the hard drive’s failure in this case is often a gradual one.

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Hard drives are spinning faster and storing more data in smaller areas than ever before. Any hard drive, but especially those that operate at 7200 rpm or faster produce a lot of internal heat. If a hard drive does not have adequate ventilation within the system, the heat can be trapped in the drive and have not dissipate into the surrounding air. When this happens, it is much like the damage a car engine is subjected to when it overheats, only a hard drive is a much more precise machine. There is almost zero tolerance for wear or heat expansion inside a hard drive.
Many computer builders are accustomed to stacking hard drives on top of each other in multi-drive systems in the past. This can be almost certain death for hard drives at 7200 rpm and above because they run much hotter. Some operate at temperatures that are hot to touch. When two of these are almost touching with no ventilation, the operating temperature will be raised significantly beyond safe operating temperatures.

Prevention is best. Make sure your hard drives have plenty of space between them. A fan is an even safer option for your drives.
If you already have a problem accessing your data, IT Data Recovery is waiting to help you get it back safely. Our engineers physically inspect, clean, and repair the drive’s components in our cleanroom laboratory. When the drive is safe, we take the next step in making a raw image clone of your entire drive. With our equipment and procedures, we only access the drive once to make a raw image clone from which we do our recoveries. This is the safest method because it minimizes wear and tear on the original since we carry out the rest of the recovery process on the cloned data. This procedure requires professional data recovery equipment.

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What To Do in Given Drive Failure Situations


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