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> Formatted drive (accidental or malicious)

Problem Description
The drive was accidentally or mistakenly formatted, or someone with ill intent formatted your hard drive. This can be a reason why your system doesn’t boot, or why you computer cannot detect the operating system.

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The Bad News
All of your data that was on your drive seems to have been erased. Many people assume there is nothing they can do and that the data is gone. Any use or installation of files is sure to overwrite previous data that is still on the drive.

The Good News
Your data is almost definitely recoverable by our professional recovery services. Your data and files are not actually completely removed from the drive. The information is usually labeled as being free space to be written over. These recoveries are usually in the low-average price range.

It is crucial that you not install anything back onto the drive, and that you not continue to use it in your system. The sooner you send the drive in for evaluation and recovery, the sooner you should have your formatted files back.
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What To Do in Given Drive Failure Situations


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