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> Fire, smoke and extreme heat damage

Problem Description
During a fire, flames, heat, and even smoke can damage your computer’s hard drive. Even if your computer is melted shut, or the hard drive is charred and melted, we can very often recover your files.

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Heat can cause expansion and warping of the precise internal parts of your drive, making your data irretrievable using normal means. Your hard drive’s read/write heads rest just two-millionths of an inch above the drive’s platter where your information is actually stored while it spins at speeds from 5200-15,000 rpm. Any microscopic changes in size or position of these parts can cause serious damage. Particles of smoke often exceed this size but can be small enough to seep into the drive. These particles can both interfere with this gap, and be dragged along and scratch the platter causing scoring.
Sometimes the drive will also have been exposed to the water from a sprinkler system or the fire department which creates more potential danger to your data.

Whenever your data has been exposed to extreme heat, fire, or smoke damage, we severely recommend that you not attempt to use the drive again, as in doing so, more damage is likely to occur.
There is great risk to your data in allowing even professional computer technicians to attempt the recovery of your system when the drive has been exposed to extreme heat or smoke. Every time the compromised hard drive is accessed, the chances for more data loss increases. Even a professional computer technician might unknowingly damage a drive, simply by running the standard set of tests on the system. We offer much safer recoveries than a simple computer service shop can offer with their minimal recovery equipment and lack of cleanrooms.

Our engineers physically inspect and repair the drive’s components in our cleanroom laboratory. When the drive is safe, we then take the next step in making a raw image clone of your entire drive. With our equipment and procedures, we only access the drive once to make a raw image clone from which we do our recoveries. This is the safest method because it minimizes wear and tear on the original while we carry out the rest of the recovery process on the cloned data. This procedure requires professional data recovery equipment and a particle free cleanroom.

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