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Problem Description
Depending on what files are actually corrupted, the symptoms can range from intermittent lock-ups and nonsensical garbled files, all the way to complete system failure.

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The cause for corrupted data can be software related, caused by a virus, the result of a serious physical hard drive problems, or other transfer or storage problems. It is very difficult to diagnose the extent and root of the problem until we have the drive safely in our data recovery laboratory for it’s free evaluation.

The sooner you send the drive in for service, the greater your chances are to get more of your corrupted or lost data back to its original condition. Since the root of the problem is often bad sectors or clusters, and sometimes is a sign of early stages of platter scoring, we recommend that you not attempt recovery yourself if your data is crucial to you. Any extra use of your computer continues to jeopardize the integrity of the uncorrupted files on the drive.
The earlier you catch the problem with your files; the easier (and cheaper) it is for us to recover them for you. Our methods are safer than any attempts you could make without our equipment and experience. We perform all of our recovery attempts on a raw image clone of that is made of your hard drive as soon as possible in the recovery process. We only have to access your drive once, which greatly minimizes the risk of further damage. If physical repairs are needed before a raw clone can be made, our engineers first repair the drive in our cleanroom laboratory.
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What To Do in Given Drive Failure Situations


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