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> Burnt electronic smell / smoke

This is a hardware problem. Turn off computer immediately. Call us or click START MY RECOVERY to start the recovery process.

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Problem Description
This is an obvious hardware malfunction. There is visible electronic damage, a burning smell, or smoke coming from the hard drive. Sometimes the computer fails and you smell the burnt smell or see smoke but the hard drive is not the damaged part, and therefore proper diagnosis can be difficult.

The Bad News
If it’s from the hard drive, your data should be considered unsafe, and you should leave the recovery to professionals at IT Data Recovery.

The Good News
Often the smell is from a different component than the hard drive, but even if your hard drive is the malfunctioning unit, IT Data Recovery is ready to recover your data for you from your burned or broken drive.

Make sure you turn off the computer as soon as you smell or see the smoke. The safest thing to do is to send your hard drive to us right away for evaluation. If you know or suspect a problem with the hard drive, and don’t want to take any risks, it’s time to start the recovery process with IT Data Recovery.
Call us or click START MY RECOVERY to let the professionals at IT Data Recovery return your data to you safely. There is no charge for the evaluation, and no charge if we don’t recover your data.

IT Data Recovery is one of the top data recovery companies, specializing in RAID Data Recovery Services and Hard Disk Data Recovery Services.

What To Do in Given Drive Failure Situations


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