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> Detected bad sectors or clusters

Symptoms include: missing data, applications lock up, other software problems, or in many cases, strange hard drive sounds. Scandisk reports bad sectors and/or clusters. Safest choice is to send it to us.

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Problem Description
You experience intermittent or recurring problems with your data and applications. Scandisk or another disk integrity utility program has run, and it reports that it has detected bad sectors or clusters. When using the disk scanner in dos mode or in Windows' Thorough (disk surface scan), you will usually see a map of squares representing sectors of your hard drive. If any of these have a ‘B’ in them, that means they’re bad, and that your hard drive is no longer safe for regular use.

The Bad News
If a bad sector or cluster is detected, you will need to get a new hard drive and transfer the data to that drive. Don’t ever continue to use a hard drive with any bad sectors or clusters. A bad sector or cluster is a severe problem that will spread with additional use. Whenever there is a bad sector or cluster on your hard drive, it is a sure sign that the problem will continue to worsen and you will lose more sectors and clusters the more you use the drive. The loss of the rest of your data can be a gradual or a rapid process after noticing the first bad sectors or clusters, but it will happen.

The Good News
The safest course of action is to send your drive to us for professional recovery. The cost of recovery in the early stages of this problem is usually in the average and sometimes low range. Sometimes you can back up your important files yourself, though continuing to use your failing drive increases the risk that the data will be lost.

The Solution
If you don’t want to take chances with your data by attempting backup yourself (not recommended when your data is important), or if you tried unsuccessfully at recovering your data, it’s time for professional recovery.

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What To Do in Given Drive Failure Situations


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