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> Bad FAT (file allocation tables)

Problem Description
FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS are the common types of file allocation tables for different operating systems. There are special files that act as maps telling your hard drive where your files are located within each of the allocation systems being used. If you have a corrupted or bad File Allocation Table, you will usually have major problems accessing your data, if you can at all. Your files will probably remain in perfect condition on the drive, but the hard drive won’t know how to get to them. Often a message will appear warning of bad FAT tables if this is the problem, but not always.

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The cause of bad or corrupted FAT tables can be a software or physical hard drive problem. Some viruses have targeted file allocation tables in the past. Once we have the drive in our data laboratory for our free evaluation we can tell you the likely or actual cause and extent of the damage to your drive and file system.

If you have corrupted FAT tables and your system is still functioning, it can be crucial to your data that you discontinue using your computer as soon as possible.
If your hard drive doesn’t recognize where your data is, it may soon rewrite something else directly over your files, thinking that the place they occupy is just free space. For this reason, we recommend that you send the drive into us immediately, where we first make a raw data clone of your drive, and then reconstruct and repair you FAT tables. If physical damage is the root of the problem, our engineers take care of that in our lab before making the clone. The extra step of making the direct raw clone of the drive allows us safe opportunity to use our methods to recover your data, while still having an untouched original to go back to if a second attempt is needed.
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