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A very large portion of the people that request our recovery services ask for a discount if only one or a small number of files is recovered. We do offer such services, but before you choose to go with specific file recovery, we ask that you read the following.

In cases where physical drive damage has occurred, specific file recovery usually will only save about $50 plus the potential cost of buying a new drive for the data transfer from the cost of recovery. If the drive must be opened for the recovery, it will take us the same amount of time and effort to fix the drive as it would if you selected our full recovery service. The only step in which you would save money is in the data transfer step of recovery, as there would be less to transfer from a raw image file.

Sometimes, when there is no physical damage to the drive, there are cases where the specific files you need can be extracted without requiring us to recover all your data. In these cases, you will generally save about $100 off of the regular price for complete drive recovery, though there are occasionally cases in which we are able to recover specific files for a greater than $100 price difference. Our minimum for specific file recovery from a hard drive is $300.

The people who benefit most from this service are people who seek recovery of one important corrupted, deleted, or missing file or small folder on a very large hard drive on which the rest of the disk's data is still operating normally. These are the cases that often can be recovered for our minimum price. Single file corruption can be caused by viruses, saving incorrectly, power surges while saving, accidental deletion of that file, and other problems that do not affect the rest of your data's performance. Often, however, the corruption or loss of one file is a sign of greater problems to come.

We recommend our specific file recovery service to those people who are SURE that the files they list are within only 1-3 folders and that they can tell us all they expect recovered before we begin. Most commonly, we restore 'My Documents' and Outlook email .dbx files.

A problem that sometimes occurs is that after the specific file recovery, customers remember more files that they wish to have recovered. If this becomes the case after the initial recovery, we will probably recommend the performance of a complete hard drive recovery, as we must charge each time we have to perform a specific file recovery. And for each attempt, there is a $300 minimum.

Based on the previous information, and knowing that 95% of our clients save time and money with complete hard drive recovery, if you still wish to use our specific file service, we'll be happy to do our best to get your files back.

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