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We provide specialized RAID recovery services to owners of systems that utilize RAID in their data storage, be it in a computer, server, or network storage device. RAID and other multi-drive system recoveries are much more complicated than single drive recoveries and subsequently require a significant amount of extra time. As a result, prices for RAID recoveries are also significantly higher than recoveries on single drives, but we still offer very competitive rates.

If you’ve found this page, we assume that you or your network / computer technician has already examined the situation, and knows that they cannot with 100% certainty recover the RAID system, without possibly compromising your data and making the situation worse. RAID failure can be very difficult to recover from, even for the pros like us. Making even one simple error in the recovery process by someone who doesn’t perform RAID recovery for a living, or even proceeding correctly but with compromised or failing equipment can turn what at once would have been an easy recovery (for us) into one that is impossible to recover by anyone in the world, for any price. When the recovery of your RAID data is crucial, it does not make sense to take chances. Be sure to send the drives or system directly to IT Data Recovery immediately, especially if the hard drives sound strange when operating, as in these cases, attempted recoveries outside of a professional data recovery lab are almost sure to cause more damage. If the problem is indeed due to a malfunctioning hard drive within the system, or if it is otherwise beyond the scope of your local technician’s 100% confidence, please call us for information on how to proceed with the recovery.

In addition to all of the potential disasters that can occur within single hard drives, RAID systems can suffer from RAID controller failure, accidental reconfiguration of RAID properties, and other RAID specific hardware and software configuration problems.

We work with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Novell Netware, Linux, and all other Windows operating systems.

Call us or click START MY RECOVERY to let the professionals at IT Data Recovery return your data to you safely. There is no charge for the evaluation, and no recovery fee if we don't recover your data, (unless otherwise agreed upon and approved by you after the free evaluation).

1) Evaluation
After receiving your RAID / Server / or NAS system, our technicians immediately make a RAW mirror of every single hard drive in the system. Depending on the size of the RAID system, this can take hours to in some cases over a day, but is a necessary part of the process to ensure the greatest chance of recovery. Then the RAID technicians evaluate the integrity of the system with our proprietary RAID recovery software, lab equipment, and hex-level RAID expertise to determine the cause and extent of the damage, and then call you with an estimate. Please note that our estimates on RAID and multi-drive systems cover a wider range than on our single drive recoveries, since it is much harder to predict the time required and extent of damage to the system before the recovery.

2) Recovery
With your approval of our written estimate, our technicians begin the recovery process. Our goal is to create a full, de-striped raw image of your system's damaged drives as soon as possible in the recovery and then work with those images to keep the use of your damaged drives to a minimum. Often when recovering your data, our experienced engineers must open the hard drive(s) in a cleanroom laboratory and repair damaged components with our proprietary equipment before a successful raw image can be acquired. With a RAID system, additional steps must be taken to ensure proper recovery.

3) Transfer
Once the raw images are acquired, we use our software to translate, normalize and repair corrupted data back into a format usable to you and then notify you that your data has been recovered. You then confirm your choice of the media format in which you wish to receive your restored RAID system. With RAID recoveries, the data is almost always recovered to one or more hard drives, and the original RAID system and configurations are kept whenever possible.

4) Shipping
Upon completion of recovery and transfer, the data is shipped back to you immediately.


RAID Data Recovery Service: Expert RAID 5 Data Recovery and RAID 0 Data Recovery services from IT Data Recovery in Austin, Texas.

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