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Most laptops use smaller 2.5'' IDE hard drives compared to the standard 3.5'' hard drives found in desktop computers, but IT Data Recovery offers the same great service on these laptop drives, too. Though they operate the same as larger drives, they are slightly more prone to failure due to their miniaturized size, lack of sufficient ventilation space, and the fact that they are inherently subjected to more impact being a mobile computer.

Laptop users initially have two choices when working with us, either to send us the whole laptop or just the hard drive for evaluation. It's all up to you. We can recover your data from just the drive, and let you or a local computer shop fix the laptop with a new replacement hard drive; or we can perform all or some of the necessary work to get your laptop up and running again and recover your files. Please keep in mind that if you elect to have us do all the work and return your laptop to a healthy state completely at IT Data Recovery, the price will reflect the extra hours (at $75/hr.) that it takes to reinstall your operating system and the new hard drive, in addition to the regular cost of the recovery of your old files.

Call us or click START MY RECOVERY to let the professionals at IT Data Recovery return your data to you safely. There is no charge for the evaluation, and no charge if we don’t recover your data.

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