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> Hard Drives (IDE, EIDE, ATA, SCSI, and laptop)

We recover inaccessible and deleted data from all types of malfunctioning hard drives, internal and external.


A) Physical Failure Due to Regular Use
Your hard drive is the fastest moving and most-used mechanical device in your computer. It is a very complicated and precise machine in and of itself. Hard drives are spinning faster and storing larger amounts of moving information in smaller spaces than ever before. With each advance made in rpm and access time, the more prone they are to wear and tear. The more crammed the data is, the more precise the method of reading that data must be, which leaves less room for error. The hard drives of today are subjected to more physical, electronic, and heat stress than ever before. These facts combined with the simple fact that they are subject to ever-growing mass production leads to many failing drives, and unfortunately, many compromising situations for the computer users who depend on them.

Symptoms of this type of failure are:
Clunking, Clicking, or other strange Hard Drive Noises
Drive not detected / Inaccessible
Drive doesn't spin
Drive doesn't stop spinning
Burnt Electronic Smell from hard drive / Smoke
Detected Bad Sectors or Clusters
Missing files / folders
Applications cease operating
Bad FAT (File Allocation Tables)
Corrupted Data
Computer doesn't boot

B) Physical Failure Due to External Disasters
There are a number of external causes for physical hard disk failure in addition to the regular wear and tear listed above. Often, as with fire, the cause is obvious; but sometimes the cause is not so easily detected, as is frequently the case with overnight power surges.

The most common sources of external damage are:
Lightning and Power Surges / Outages
Impact and Vibration Damage
Fire, Smoke, and External Heat Damage
Flood, Sprinkler System, Moisture, and Beverage Damage
Component Heat Damage (often from hard drive stacking)

C) Deleted Files, Formatted and Fdisked Drives, Hackers, Virus Problems and Other Non-Physical Problems
These problems make up a sizable amount of the troubled hard drives we service. Be it accidental or malicious, the fact that a file has been deleted or is suddenly missing from your hard drive and is no longer in the on-screen trash bin does NOT mean that it is erased completely from your hard drive. Even if a drive has been formatted or fdisked, the data can almost always be recovered by our patent-pending software and equipment. The key to the successful restoration of your missing files is to send your drive to us as soon as you realize the data is gone, before you unknowingly overwrite your lost data. You might unknowingly save something over the data that, in actuality, is still on your hard drive but just not recognized as stored data.

Viruses can wreak havoc, as everyone knows, via infection from the Internet or external media. If your data is very important to you, then we recommend sending your drive to us (before attempting your own recovery) for our professional virus removal and recovery service. There are many adequate virus programs available to home users today, but they are not always able to salvage your infected data, since often during 'inoculation' the infected areas are 'quarantined' and either destroyed or simply made inaccessible. Though it's safest to send your infected data to us before running standard virus removal software, even if you have already used an over-the-counter virus removal program and are not satisfied, we usually have the ability to heal or at least salvage sections of the lost files that could not be recovered by them.

Common issues involving non-physical problems:
Formatted drive (accidental or malicious)
Deleted files / folders
Missing files / folders
Hackers / disgruntled employees
Didn’t save correctly
Upgrade resulted in errors
Applications cease operating
Computer doesn't boot
Corrupted data
Bad FAT (File Allocation Tables)

D) Investigations and Digital Forensic Evidence
We offer our investigative and forensic evidence searches to both the public and to law officials. We are able, with our methods, to recover incriminating evidence that has been deleted, formatted, physically damaged, or just well hidden. We can also usually provide clients with a list of recent Internet sites visited, and other user activities, even if the folders containing this information have been deleted. Though many of our cases have involved criminal and forensic investigation, we also have confirmed guilty or presumed innocent many suspected malicious or unfaithful persons, as well as helped protect kids and young adults from potential harm by alerting parents of dangerous activities and conversations within email and chat programs.

We realize the importance and sensitivity of these issues and, of course, offer complete privacy and complete disclosure only to the client. For this confidential, professional service, please call and speak to a recovery advisor for more information about your specific needs.

Call us or click START MY RECOVERY to let the professionals at IT Data Recovery return your data to you safely. There is no charge for the evaluation, and no charge if we don't recover your data.

1) Evaluation
After receiving your hard drive, our technicians first evaluate the disk with our lab equipment to determine the cause and extent of the damage, and then immediately call you with an estimate.

2) Recovery
With your approval of our written estimate, our technicians begin the recovery process. Our goal is to create a full raw image of your drive as soon as possible in the recovery and then work with that image which keeps the use of your damaged drive to a minimum. Often to recover your data, our experienced engineers must open the hard drive in a cleanroom laboratory and repair damaged components with our proprietary equipment before a successful raw image can be acquired.

3) Transfer
Once the raw image is acquired, we use our software to translate, normalize and repair corrupted data back into a format usable to your computer and then notify you that your data has been recovered. You then confirm your choice of the media format in which you wish to receive your freshly recovered files. Most people elect to have the data placed back onto a new hard drive, but with smaller hard drives, it is easy enough to put all the data onto CD-R disks instead. We also offer other methods such as loaner hard drives and Internet file transfer.

4) Shipping
Upon completion of recovery and transfer, the data is shipped back to you immediately.


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