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MS Access, SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, and other database systems suffer from the same frailties inherent in their data storage system. Whether on single drives, spanned over a network, or contained within a RAID system, IT Data Recovery is a safe choice for your database recovery.

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1) Evaluation
After receiving your database storage medium, our technicians first evaluate the disk(s) with our lab equipment and software to determine the cause and extent of the problem, and then immediately call you with an estimate.

2) Recovery
With your approval of our written estimate, our technicians begin the recovery process. Our goal is to create a full raw image of your entire system as soon as possible in the recovery and then work with that image which keeps the use of your damaged drive(s) to a minimum. Often to recover your data, our experienced engineers must open the hard drive in a cleanroom laboratory and repair damaged components with our proprietary equipment before a successful raw image can be acquired.

3) Transfer
Once the raw image is acquired, we use our software to translate, normalize and repair corrupted data back into a format usable to your computer and then notify you that your data has been recovered. You then confirm your choice of the media format in which you wish to receive your freshly recovered files. Most people elect to have the data placed back onto new hard drives, but with smaller hard drives, it is easy enough to put all the data onto CD-R disks instead. We also offer other methods such as loaner hard drives and Internet file transfer to expedite the return of your database information.

4) Shipping
Upon completion of recovery and transfer, the data is shipped back to you immediately.

For more information on your database recovery, click the link pertaining to your system.
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IT Data Recovery is one of the top data recovery companies, specializing in RAID Data Recovery Services and Hard Disk Data Recovery Services.

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